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Adam Systems

ADAM Systems was founded in 1979 as Automotive Business Management Consultants, Inc. to serve automobile dealerships and in particular dealership accounting departments. After training and assisting hundreds of dealerships in the use of the then new computerized accounting systems we saw that there existed an opportunity to develop a high quality, low cost alternative. We rolled out our first Dealer Management System offering based on the Microsoft Disk Operating System (DOS) in 1981, designing it to work on the IBM PC. Soon we added a complete suite of applications to help any dealer manage his business more efficiently and most importantly; more profitably.

With the advent of the Microsoft Windows operating system in the mid 1980's we saw an opportunity to leap ahead of the competition. ADAM became the first truly Windows compatible Dealer Management System. In fact in many ways we are still the only DMS written in a totally integrated, truly Windows environment. Our applications are written by our own programming staff to work together from the start. No outsourcing here.

From the beginning we chose to base our success on the success of our customers. We have never required restrictive, long-term contracts that give us the upper hand. Instead, we operate on a 30 day agreement. If you are not completely satisfied then you can cancel with just 30 days notice. How many of your vendors can say that!

Today we are entering our 30th year of servicing dealerships throughout the United States and the Caribbean Basin. In those 30 years we have installed thousands of systems and trained many thousands of users. Today we claim more than 1,000 active dealerships representing almost every make and franchise available. Dealerships just like yours.

Call and see why so many of your fellow dealers are switching to ADAM. Let us prove to you that we will earn your business every day.


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