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Xcelerate, ADAM's fully-managed cloud platform, boosts the efficiency of your ADAM DMS, cuts costs, improves productivity, and drives profit.

With your DMS and data in the cloud, you'll enjoy fewer IT demands on your business; your applications and data will always be accessible and safe; and your daily operations will be far simpler and much more efficient.

Best of all, an internet connection is all you need to realize the immediate benefits of the Adam Xcelerate Platform.

Today, business happens everywhere. With our Xcelerate platform, you'll feel confident knowing you can be productive from anywhere when business calls.


Fixed IT expenses: with Xcelerate, you shift costs from CapEx investments into OpEx expenses, giving your business better control and predictability over costs.

Greater flexibility and reliability: access your DMS from any location with an internet connection, and work from anywhere, anytime without sacrificing quality.

Extended hardware, desktop, and application lifecycles: reduce the strain on and usage of IT resources, and maximize the return on those investments.

Increased user productivity: with Xcelerate, you eliminate the likelihood of computer downtime and minimize valuable time spent addressing technical concerns.

Strengthened security and data back-up: allow us to safeguard your business with expertly-managed security protocols and nightly data backups, while you focus on your core business.

Cloud mobility with cross-platform access from any device: access your ADAM DMS and data from any internet-connected device.

Centralized desktop management and control: Xcelerate allows you to access everything, anywhere; gone are the days of fragmenting data and applications over multiple workstations or networks.

Increased data security: with Xcelerate, our certified IT professionals will handle the vital task of protecting your data every minute of every day.

Desktop disaster recovery and desktop business continuity: make downtime a thing of the past and eliminate the perils of hard drive crashes.

Reduced management: allocate your time to managing operations and serving customers, while we focus on the crucial function of handling your IT demands.

Consistent end-user experience: ensure the familiarity and consistency of computing environments, and foster ease-of-use and high productivity for your employees.

Simple and fast setup without on-site infrastructure expense: free yourself from the daily demands of installing, managing, and updating a complex IT environment; save money in the process.


  • Anywhere, anytime access to your ADAM DMS and data

    With your ADAM applications and data hosted securely on our Xcelerate cloud platform, you can connect to your DMS at anytime from anywhere with an internet connection. Xcelerate works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Apple's OS X.

    From anywhere, simply log in and use your ADAM DMS. It's all there for you, whether you're using a PC at your office or a laptop at home. There's virtually nothing new to learn because your ADAM applications always work just like they do at the office.

  • Enterprise reliability without the cost and investment

    For businesses of all sizes, our enterprise-class technology manages your DMS and protects your data on highly-available, fault-tolerant, high-performance servers.

    Xcelerate frees you from frustrating server failures, minimizing downtime and eliminating productivity lapses.

  • High availability infrastructure in SSAE16 (formerly SAS 70 Type II) certified data centers

    Xcelerate houses your ADAM DMS and data in SSAE16 certified data centers.

    A leading benchmark of true enterprise-class scale and reliability, these data centers include full-time security personnel; closed-circuit video surveillance; biometric identity verification systems; continuous and redundant power systems with back-up generators; fully-redundant network systems with multiple-backbone access; advanced network firewalls; smoke detection and fire suppression systems; and flood detection and avoidance systems.

  • Protection from data loss with nightly-managed backups

    Xcelerate automatically backs up your data every night, keeping you protected and making your DMS accessible 24/7. Even better, if you accidentally delete a file, we will easily restore it for you.

  • Business continuity

    Because Xcelerate enables you to connect to your ADAM DMS and data from anywhere at anytime, your dealership will be ready if a disaster strikes.

    Take comfort in the knowledge that you can access your business-critical information in any situation. Further, you gain peace of mind knowing that you're ready for any disaster, from something as small as a PC crash to something as catastrophic as a fire.

  • Simplified IT maintenance

    Servers can be difficult and costly to maintain.

    From experience, you know the time demands and costs required to properly maintain your servers, from patches to virus protection to access controls to juggling multiple vendors.

    Furthermore, in the past, making your applications and data available from remote locations was often challenging and expensive.

    Today, when you pair your ADAM DMS with the Xcelerate platform, you progress beyond the old limitations of managing in-house servers, and boost your business along the way.

    With Xcelerate, you reduce IT costs and gain valuable time.

  • Professionally-managed IT environment for your DMS and business-critical applications

    The functionality of your DMS and the reliability of servers and networks are vital to the success of your business.

    With ADAM DMS and Xcelerate, you simplify the demands on your internal IT resources and allow trusted experts—us—to handle your critical IT tasks.

    We professionally manage everything for you. Gone are your days of upgrading servers and computers, and interfacing with multiple IT vendors.

    In this simplified IT environment, you're able to more easily and affordably deploy technologies (like thin clients) that further drive down IT and management costs.

    We also deliver other hosted desktop applications and options on the Xcelerate platform including user document storage, Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Exchange 2010, Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, and other custom applications.

  • Streamlined application upgrades

    With Xcelerate our professionals handle your system updates, ensuring that you have access to the newest features, while eliminating your need to oversee the upgrade process.

    In addition to providing the timeliest updates, we monitor your ADAM DMS and its operating environment and deploy patches and upgrades at both necessary and scheduled times.

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